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What our customers say

Remarkable product! The design is GENIUS! Simply turning the knob a few times and it's airtight! The pressure indicator is useful to check whether it's airtight.



I’ve been using this container for a while and it managed to impress me, so I have even included it in my review at CoffeeGeekLab. There are many reasons why I like this coffee canister, including its sturdy construction and minimalistic design. I do prefer to keep it in the cupboard as the plastic is clear, but it allows me to easily keep track of how much coffee I have left. And I really appreciate the lid, which makes this container completely vacuum-sealed and keeps my flavorful coffee beans fresh longer.


Yurii Brown

Never seen my mum so happy. I thought this was a bad gift idea but I think it's been the best so far :)

Barbara G.

as an old man its hard to close the lids properly even sometimes the stuff usually get stale because the air does go in them somehow however this jar doesnt let it go stale maybe because of the air tight vacuum

Charles D.

Finally A REAL Airtight Jar

This is the first container who promised it’s air tight and it really is. I use it for coffee beans to lock the flavor perfectly. I hope they will have larger size in the future.


Happy Family

Was exhausted of almonds getting dry and non crunchy until this product.  A million thanks to whoever made this beauty.

Katherine C.