Who are ANKOMN? Experts in excellence

Introducing Ankomn

An innovative new brand bringing new technology and ideas to your home

We are a team of innovators who seek out those annoying but minor inconveniences around the home, and find ways of solving those challenges in practical, beautiful ways. We are inspired by products that have not changed in a decade or more, looking at them in a new light, with the advantages of new tech and find ways of making them better for your benefit.

Our creations are simple, elegant and functional, designed to be as beautiful to use as they are to look at, creating a new way of thinking for your home. With Ankomn, there is no compromise, we give you the practicality you need, with the style you desire.

Ankomn, bringing dreams to life in your home

Are you looking for an innovative, dependable and stylish product line?
Ankomn is what you have been waiting for.

We have put together a team of experts, engineers, designers, innovators all working together to create solutions that are effective and desirable. We have a plan in place to build our Ankomn brand through a series of innovative, world class products, with the funding in place to drive us forward.
We are now looking for distributors and retailers all over the world to help us expand our business and bring the Ankomn brand to new audiences on every continent. If you have an active and effective sales channel in your country, please contact us today to discuss our amazing product range on how we can help you grow your business.