Introducing Ankomn

a innovative new brand for the home

We notice all of the small inconveniences in life so we develop products to solve these problems. We search out products that have not changed or improved over the last ten years and make them better. We create simple elegant and functional product for the home. In our products there is no conflicting it`s functionality and beauty. All you needs will be satisfied when you elect a product from Ankomn.

Ankomn make your home more like home

Looking for a innovative distinguishing, reliable product line?
Yes! you should contact us.

We have the best engineers and designers collaborate together. We have funding and remarkable plan to build up series product line name after Ankomn. Now we need more distributor, retailer all over the world to help us expend the business. If you have a good channel in your country. Don`t be hesitate to contact us for more information about distribute our product.