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What makes Choice different

Choice is a combination of functionality and design unmatched by any other storage product on the market today. Its clean lines may follow the function they perform, but the beauty and elegance they display are clear to all. Created with ease of use in mind, the lids have no extra rubber or other additions, making Choice simpler, safer to clean, and entirely dishwasher safe.

Smart lid design

Our innovative team has created a new kind of lid, a smart lid, that seals completely without cumbersome fastenings and hard to clean seals, and yet you can turn it upside down when in place, and no liquid will leak or spill.

Perfect for staging

Savior and Choice share the same, modern, attractive and yet functional design, and are completely compatible with each other. You can swap lids and stack them on top of each other, giving you the opportunity to create your perfect food storage solution. Don’t forget, with Ankomn, it’s always your Choice.

Ankomn Family

Savior & Choice are modern and compatible. They can change the lids of different sizes, and you can arrange them on one another. Do not limit yourself. You deserve to have many opportunities for keeping and storage the food.