Simple Airtight System

This is truly 100% airtight system that is practical and easy to use. Just one turn of the lid is enough to remove air out of the product and to close it perfectly. This new smart technology prevents air to be in contact with the inside of the product or the external environment.

Perfect for Stacking

All our products are characterized by a special modular design, which allows them to fit into each other and to be stored vertically. Also they have exchangeable lid so it`s easy to combine on lid with container of different type and size.

*Compatible with Savior, Everlock ,Choice

Cleaning with ease

Special cover which creates airtight sealed can be disassembled to its components; plastic substrate rubber band and cover. In this way the product meets the highest hygiene standards because you can be sure you have removed the smallest particles of dust and dirt. This would be the most amazing experience you have ever gad in cleaning airtight container.