No, usually when you see the indicator sink properly it could last for 1-2 weeks.The negative pressure will balance with the atmosphere over time. If you want to keep the pressure longer give it more turns!
The food inside did not go through a process to destroy the bacteria to eliminate the process.Even if there is no oxygen inside bacteria who don’t need oxygen could still grow.For this situation, you may store the food with container in the refrigerator together.The temperature could control the growth of bacteria.
You can turn anyway you want. As long as you turn it air will be released.
For the first 3 to 5 days after roasting, coffee beans release a lot of CO2 gas. If this happens inside the product it can hinder the vacuum process by eliminating the negative pressure. However, Ankomn products are specially designed to keep air out even in this situation, so your coffee will be kept fresh. Once the coffee stops releasing CO2 and stabilizes then the vacuum will continue to work as normal for you.
To avoid the buildup of particles within the seals, it is important to only fill your containers to 80% of its capacity.
Absolutely, the product is designed for this and it is how we recommend them to be used.
Our products are designed to be hard wearing, and the seals on the savior can withstand at least 50,000 openings. That means if you open and close the lid 3 or 4 times a day, it can be used for 2.7 years without any problem.
They are designed and manufactured in Taiwan
The silicon release valve is also an indicator for the vacuum, after you have turned the knob a few times, you will see the silicon sink down as the vacuum is created and pulls it in, so you always know the product is working correctly.
Yes, marinating works best with cooler food, and if left our in a hot environment, mold can form on food even in a vacuum, so store safely in the refrigerator while it absorbs all those delicious marinade flavors.
After prolonged use, dust can gather on the seals and cause tiny air leaks that reduce vacuum strength. However, our products are designed for easy cleaning to remedy this, we have videos to show you how on the maintenance and cleaning page.
Everything we produce here at Ankomn is made from special Polycarbonate, which is incredibly stable and has a high resistance to corrosion and contamination. It can withstand temperatures of -20 to 85° Celsius or -4 to 185° Fahrenheit, so they can be used safely with most substances including white vinegar, and safely cleaned in hot water.
All samples of Turn-N-Seal are tested before they are packaged and released for sale, however, there are several ways in which you can check whether the product is not functioning for yourself.
  1. Firstly, be aware that some foods, such as coffee beans, generate CO2. This affects the negative pressure necessary to create a vacuum.
  2. Make sure you regularly clean the silicone cover and that there are no dust particles causing air leaks.
  3. Turn the lid of the product several times. To create a vacuum, Savior uses pressure inside the container. This means that the stronger the negative pressure the lid creates, the safer will be seal the product.
If you`ve already tried the above and still face the same problem, please email us at for assistance.

What`s the life time of this product?

Special vacuum lid of our food container Savior can be sued at least 50,000 times. That means if you open and close the lid 3 or 4 times a day you can sue it 2.7 years without any problems.

What country are made these products?

They are made in Taiwan

Will the vacuum ability decrease as the time goes by?

After prolonged us of the products it is customary to gather dust on silicon. To cover no lost its ability to vacuum is very important to regularly clean the silicon. This will ensure that the product will work perfectly for very long time.

Of what material are made this product? Can we put in them hot soup or good marinade with white vinegar?

All product of Ankomn are made of MS special resin. it is a material which possesses very stable physical properties. It features high resistance to corrosion and can withstand temperatures from -20 to 85° Celsius or -4 to 185° Fahrenheit.