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Storage in the pantry and fridge is always a challenge, stackable modular design easily makes your place organized and tidy.

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I’ve been using this container for a while and it managed to impress me. There are many reasons why I like this coffee canister, including its sturdy construction and minimalistic design.completely vacuum-sealed and keeps my flavorful coffee beans fresh longer.

Yurii Brown

Was exhausted of almonds getting dry and non crunchy until this product.  A million thanks to whoever made this beauty.

voice of the customer
Katherine C.

As an old man its hard to close the lids properly even sometimes the stuff usually get stale because the air does go in them somehow however this jar doesnt let it go stale maybe because of the air tight vacuum.

voice of the customer
Charles D.

Never seen my mom so happy. I thought this was a bad gift idea but I think it's been the best so far :)

voice of the customer
Barbara G.

Turn-N-Seal Vacuum sealed coffee bean storage container

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  • Dishwasher save
  • Hand-washable patented lid
  • BPA free material
  • Modular design allows for versatility and stacking inside cabinets or refrigerators


    • 0.6qt holds 8oz/250gr whole bean coffee
    • 1.2qt holds 16oz/450gr whole bean coffee

    If you are looking for best coffee containers to keep your coffee fresh longer, you must try version 2.0 of Ankomn Turn-N-Seal vacuum-sealed container. We solved the air leak problem of the last version, the valve button like the one on your valve-sealed coffee bag, but works better. While storing fresh beans, it allows gasses to escape from the coffee canister but doesn’t let air in. Some gasses stay in the container if you leave space free on top, you can twist the lid to get it to vacuum again without open it.

    Simple, quick twist, 100% vacuum-sealed coffee bean holder! 

    。Keeps your coffee fresh up to 5x longer than regular containers. 

    。Durable heavy-duty "Drop-Proof" material

    。Real air out vacuum seal technology

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