Refined&Better Vacuum could be ever easier than you thought

Why you need battery, machine with lots of bag,or pump? Just 2 steps Savior could done anything you need

When you turn the lid,the gear inside transform torque to pump out air rapidly. Like a small engine working in your hand. Usually 5~6 turns will be pumped out 30% air. The indicator will sink and show you the vacuum has already been created. You could press the indicator for few second to release the pressure.After that the product will be unlocked and it`s ready to open.

Save waste Save your pocket Keep you healthy and more

Savior create high vacuum storage environment that could extend the product shelf live up to 6 times longer

How many times could Savior extend compare to Regular storage


times shelf life

Dollar save per year (family of 4)

SGS Safety test report

Turns guarantee

Wash & Cleaning

Except the lid needs to be hand cleaned because of  the vacuum component. The container is dishwasher safe. Just wash, rinse and you are ready to go!

Refrigerator? Yes you can!

Savior has no batteries or cords. It will allow you to keep your products fresh much longer in the refrigerator!

Perfect for Marinating

With Savior`s super strong vacuum seal pressure, the marinade will penetrate much quicker and deeper into the food. Thus, saving you time and infusing your food with delicious flavor!

Utilize every Space

The modular design allows the products to be stacked vertically for a space-efficient storage solution.

World`s NO.1

The world`s most advance vacuum storage container. Without pump and electricity. Just few simple turn and it`s done

Simple operation

It`s easy and effective. Operate it by the instinct. Every turn of the lid is qual to pump worked 32 times. Use instinctively, without special instructions. Every turn of the lid is equal to pump worked 32 times.

BPA free

The whole unit are using BPA free material. Your safety is the priority thing we care about. We will not compromised at this point