Our innovative approach to vacuum means a simple life for you

Our innovative vacuum storage means freshness in 2 steps

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Save money, save waste, save your health

Savior creates a high vacuum storage environment that can keep your food up to 6 times longer than normal. That means less wasted food, saving you money, it also means more fresh food to eat, saving your health.

How many times could Savior extend compare to Regular storage


times shelf life

Dollar save per year (family of 4)

SGS Safety test report

Turns guarantee

Washing and Care

Our containers are dishwasher safe, so keeping them clean is easy, just wash, rinse and you are ready to go. However, thanks to the vacuum mechanism, lids should be carefully hand washed and dried to avoid damaging the mechanism.

Refrigerator Safe!

Savior has no batteries, leads or any other awkward components, it’s all in one solution means that yes, your Savior can sit in your refrigerator, extending the shelf life of your vacuum stored products even further!

Magical Marinating

The vacuum seal and pressure that Savior provides ensures your marinade penetrates deeper into the food much more quickly. This saves you time in food preparation, and it gives you that glorious, professional marinated taste whenever you want!

Maximize your space

Savior’s modular design means they stack vertically, providing safe, secure storage while saving valuable space in your kitchen. It looks great too!

World`s NO.1

Creating a powerful vacuum without pumps or electricity, Savior is the world’s most advanced vacuum storage solution. A few turns and the freshness is locked in.

Simple operation

No need for cables, pumps or anything, just close the lid, turn the knob and its done. No hassle, no fuss, just fresh.

BPA free

Savior is made entirely from BPA free materials, because your safety is our first priority in everything we do, and something we will never compromise on.