Emi Omichi

  • Posted by Tom
  • On 27/04/2016

I have been working with Ankomn since 2016 in Tokyo, Japan. It was a great opportunity, as a full-time housewife with 3 children, I needed something that I could fit into my busy life, and its been fantastic. Today, I’m one of the top resellers in the country, and after my youngest reaches elementary school, it could even become a full-time job for me.

Ankomn give me all the support I need, with marketing materials, customer support and even helping me with customs issues, they really do treat resellers as a business partner. Tom, my reseller contact at Ankomn, works extremely hard to help me achieve my goals, even if I email him at night with an issue, he responds in just a few minutes, it gives me great confidence in the product and Ankomn itself. They may be a relatively new company, but I am happy that I was able to get involved with their reseller program, so that I can grow with them.


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