Locking freshness in with a twist of the wrist

Our Revolutionary new storage Solution

Turn-N-Seal is our new approach to storage, giving you the guaranteed freshness of vacuum sealing, with just a twist of the lid! At ANKOMN, our dream has been to create the ultimate way to store food and keep it fresh, and that is what we have done!

Prevent Moisture, Maintain Freshness!

Our innovative new Turn-N-Seal lids create a strong vacuum that can completely prevent moisture forming, keeping all your food fresh and dry and in perfect condition!


An airtight seal in just one second? That is Everlock, your ever-ready storage solution

Just Turn and Lock

All it takes to create that 100% airtight seal is to turn the know just 45 degrees. That’s it! One flick of the wrist and you have a state of the art vacuum storage for your food. No hassle, no time, just freshness.

100% sealed

Just that simple turn and your food is completely sealed into its own freshness sustaining airtight storage. No air or moisture can get inside, keeping your food as fresh as the day it was picked or made. Enjoy the beauty of truly fresh food again thanks to Everlock.


A simple, lidded container brings variety to your Ankomn storage, a solution for every need

Easy seal

Simply tap the lid for a tight seal, safe, secure storage for anything.

Stylish Storage

Complimenting the rest of your Ankomn storage, it is as beautiful as it is useful, creating a stylish look for your kitchen, while keeping everything organized and secure.

See our innovative storage in action for yourself

View our latest video right here, and see just what Ankomn can do for you

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