Hello! We make vacuum easy

Revolutionary product

Turn-N-Seal is a gift that we want to give to the world. It is the realization of ANKOMN’s dream to create the best way of storing food.

Fresh! Moisture Prevent

The strong vacuum could completely prevent the moisture. Keeping things dry and fresh.


The brand new vacuum technology will redefine the way people storage on the world

Turning is the "KEY"

All it takes is a “Twist of your wrist” to seal the Savior

Keep food 8X longer

The strong vacuum created by Savior will make your food stay fresh longer


Everlock, an system allow you create 100% airtight within ONE second.

Turn & Lock

The airtight inside will be created after 45 degree turning. The new technology allow you get 100% airtight function without spending time and effort

100% enclosed

Only a simple turn will keep the product inside insulate from the surrounding. No moisture or air could go in&out. Now, with Everlock you can easily restore the freshness of the food and experience the beauty of it.


An easy lid-on container add more variety of Ankomn product line and usage

Tap & On

Close it simply by instinct, but close it tightly

Enrich style of storage

Let`s make your kitchen fill up with more stylish container. Beauty and useful

Discover new features and last update video

We will shot lots of video to show you why our product is better

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