A FRESH APPROACH TO STORAGE ANKOMN - Beyond the box Safeguarding Flavor In Every Sip Brew Scoop Optimal Coffe-to-Water Ratio

Vacuum Canisters


Locking freshness in with a twist of the wrist

Revolutionary new storage solution

Giving you the guaranteed freshness of vacuum sealing, with just a twist of the lid

Prevent moisture, maintain freshness

keeping all your food fresh, dry, and in perfect condition

Smart Scoop

Smart Scoop

Makeing perfect coffee is as easy as 3-2-1

Optimal Coffee-to-Water Ratio

Three hundred ml (10fl.oz.) water, Two scoops of ground coffee/beans, One gold cup coffee.

This will make a 1:15-18 coffee water ratio with ease.

this shovel / scoop combo makes it easier to measure beans or ground coffee in one simple tool.

Airtight Canisters


An airtghit seal in on second? your ever-ready storage solution.

Just Turn and Lock

All it takes to create that 100% airtight is to turn the knob just 45°

100% Sealed

Completely sealed into it`s own freshness sustaining airtight storage. Enjoy the beauty of truly fresh food

See our innovative storage in action for yourself

View our latest video right here, and see just what Ankomn can do for you

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