The world's first and only

quick twist vacuum storage.

Just twist, seal, and taste the difference!

With a simple twist...

your food is airtight!

Lasts up to 5x longer!
  • Stays fresh for weeks!

    Stays fresh for weeks!

    With our state of the art Vacuum seal technology.

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  • Combo Packs make it easy!

    Combo Packs make it easy!

    Keep all your food in easy to use containers.


Keep all your coffee fresh up to 30 days!

No more old, stale tasting coffee, our vacuum technology keeps your coffee grounds or beans fresh for up to 30 days without drying out!

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Don't believe us? Watch this!

Turn-n-Seal ,the best vacuum seal storage for every need. Locks in the flavor and freshness of any good.You can keep food tasty and fresh. Perfect for storing coffee beans, tea, or food that will spoil easily.

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  • Vacuum Sealed

  • 100% Recycled

  • Premium Materials

  • Jeffrey


    Remarkable product! The design is GENIUS! Simply turning the knob a few times and it's airtight! The pressure indicator is useful to check whether it's airtight.

  • Yurii Brown

    Yurii Brown

    There are many reasons why I like this coffee canister, including its sturdy construction and minimalist design.completely vacuum-sealed and keeps my flavorful coffee beans fresh longer.

  • Barbara G.

    Barbara G.

    Never seen my mum so happy. I thought this was a bad gift idea but I think it's been the best so far :)

  • Charles D.

    Charles D.

    as an old man its hard to close the lids properly even sometimes the stuff usually get stale because the air does go in them somehow however this jar doesnt let it go stale maybe because of the air tight vacuum

  • Happy Family

    Happy Family

    This is the first container who promised it’s air tight and it really is. I use it for coffee beans to lock the flavor perfectly. I hope they will have larger size in the future.

  • Katherine C.

    Katherine C.

    Was exhausted of almonds getting dry and non crunchy until this product. A million thanks to whoever made this beauty.

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  • We care about freshness as much as you do.

    We care about freshness as much as you do.

    Ankomn`s vacuum and airtight technology is the first of it's kind. With a simple twist of the lid, your food is safe from decay and stays fresh 5x longer!

  • Easy to take apart and clean

    Easy to take apart and clean

    We designed our storage containers with YOU in mind! Our quick, easy to take apart container makes cleaning a breeze!

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  • Organization never looked better!

    Organization never looked better!

    Save space and make your cupboard clean and crisp with the compact, sleek design of Ankomn containers.

  • Durable on every accidentally drop

    Durable on every accidentally drop

    Clumsy? Don't worry about it with our super strong and durable thick grade plastic, you can drop your containers without a scratch!

Oxygen-free, keeps the flavor LONGER!

When oxygen hits your food... it starts to decay.

We made the perfect storage container by vacuum sealing any oxygen away for a tight and leak proof container.

Perfect for storing coffee, tea, bread, vegetables, and anything you can imagine!

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Need to keep food away from humidity?

Our vacuum seal technology not only keeps your food fresh but can keep humidity out of food that needs to stay crisp and dry!

Works great with beans, cereal, flour, cookies, salt, sugar, rice and more!

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Just pop open and store!

Our storage containers are quick, easy and hassle free so you can pop them open, marinate your food, and keep everything the way you like.

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We`ve spent 4 years developing a technology that makes our vacuum storage container simple, yet powerful and leak proof. A truly fresh experience.

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Ankomn VS Others

The Perfect Vacuum Seal
Ankomn Easy Twist System
Modern Sleek Design
Thick High Grade Plastic


100% airtight seal is crucial for keeping your food fresh. Everlock was designed for it. By reaching a 100% true airtight model, we are able to be the leading manufacturer in airtight containers.

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Ankomn VS Others

100% Airtight
Easy to clean
Double-Twist Technology
Extremely Durable