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Before making a purchase

Turn-N-Seal is vacuum-sealed; it takes the air out from the container.

Everlock is airtight; it creates a powerful seal and prevents air/moisture from hurting your food.

Check this and discover more for comparison.

No, there is not.

And even better, most of our components could be changed by yourself, so if you are missing some components when washing it or break it accidentally, you can purchase it individually by contacting our support team.

After making a purchase

There are three scenarios that can cause vacuum seals to disappear quickly:

1.Food content generates gas inside and saturates the vacuum.
2.Insufficient turns of the lid - verify the recommended turns for various sizes.
3.The lid requires cleaning - accumulated dirt on the rubber will cause air leakage.

Before testing empty the container, clean the lid and ensure the recommended turns are used.

If the vacuum cannot hold for over 24 hours,

Please complete the support form below,
and we will provide assistance.

The Everlock lid is designed to be opened and cleaned.

Here is a 2 min video to show you how to clean Everlock thoroughly

If your model is Everlock

Check this video and open the lid to dry out

If your model is Turn-n-Seal

If you have the Turn-n-Seal model, insert the lid vertically, rotate it a few times, and water will drain out.
Then follow the instructions in this video to open it and dry it thoroughly.And follow this video to open it to dry out.

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