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Why my Turn-N-Seal vacuum could not hold?

1. Please test the vacuum without putting anything inside. 

Let’s see if it’s because the contents released gas and created positive pressure

2. CLEAN! CLEAN! CLEAN! Almost 95% of the leaking problem could be solved after cleaning! Here is the video to show you how to clean it.

If you’ve tried both but still couldn’t solve it, please contact us. We’ll assist you from there

I wash my lid and there is some water inside now!

You could stand the lid vertically and turn the knob. The water stuck inside will discharge

Why I can still smell the flavor when it vacuumed

When you turn the knob, the air with aroma will come out from the lid, there might be some residue on the path. The product is well sealed in with a vacuum seal if the indicator is sunk

Can I buy the spare part?

Yes if you want to buy extra silicon rubber and anti-dust fabric. Contact us