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Who are we?

Why can’t the product on the market meet our requirements?

We hunger for better, easy, smart, and good-looking homeware at our countertop.

That’s what every Ankomn product was designed for.


All of our team have a enginnering background, we spend lots of time on making our product more practical to use.


We launched our first product to create a vacuum in the container by simply turning the lid called Savior at the end of 2015.

The mechanism is so complex and quite expensive, but at first, the year we launched, we still got over 10,000 units to sell and won two design awards (iF & reddot).

The journey of Ankomn started Even today, we get an email from Savior fans to ask us to keep manufacturing it.

Our journey started

The first product to create a vacuum in the container by simply turning the lid called Savior.

Ankomn reddot iF award winning product

Award Winning Products

Enjoy our advanced technology to enrich your life. Fast to use and no-hassle cleanup.

Ankomn 100% recycled material product line

100% Recycled Material

Made by 100% recycled material from the product to frustration-free package for all of our Ankomn product line.

To let more people enjoy this revolution technology, we made the second model, which is the Turn-N-Seal launch in 2017. Since then, we never stopped to update it and made it the best vacuum container in the world. Now Turn-N-Seal became our most popular and well-known model of Ankomn.


We enjoy bringing a new idea to the market, and we will keep doing so.

Get prepared to surf with us. We have many new ideas ongoing and will launch in the recent future.

Last and most important things, thanks to anyone who purchased our product before, now and later it’s your support to make us do better products and make people live easier.


If you are thinking of getting one Ankomn to use, go for it.

It’s the industry's best products we built for you.

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