3 common food storage mistakes you must avoid

3 common food storage mistakes you must avoid | ANKOMN

Refrigerators help every family storage food well. We store pretty much everything in the refrigerator. But in a search, 40% of the food storage in the refrigerator goes stale and waste before consuming it. How could we properly use the refrigerator and do smart storage? Here are the tips to help you avoid the common mistake of storing veggies and fruits.

Mistake One. 

Wash the veggies and fruits before you put it in the refrigerator

Many people think it’s good to wash veggies and fruits before putting them in the refrigerator. This is not recommended. Especially when the veggies are in a humid environment, they go stale easier.


The correct way to store veggies is to remove the brown spots and put it in a paper bag. For lettuce do not remove the first layer. Put it in the refrigerator directly and pear off when you are going to consume it


The correct way to store veggies is to remove the brown spots and put them in a paper bag. For lettuce do not remove the first layer, put in refrigerator directly, and pear off when you going to consume it.

Mistake Two. 

Put all the veggies and fruit together

After shopping at the market, it’s common to put the stuff with the bag directly in the refrigerator without categorizing it. It is necessary to keep different veggies and fruit separate. Many of the fruit, like Apples, Pears, Papayas, and Bananas, will release Ethylene and overripe the other veggies and fruit when putting together.

By separating, those veggies and fruits could highly extend the storage time. Use food wrap to cover the stem of banana is also another smart way to reduce Ethylene release.

Mistake Three. 

Cooldown the cooked food and put into the refrigerator

This probably the most common mistake that happens in every family. To save energy, we will wait for the cooked food to cool down then put it into the refrigerator. The problem is during the time it takes to cool down, especially in the summer, it gives a lot of opportunities for bacteria to grow. You buy the refrigerator to keep food fresh, so keep yourself healthy and put the extra cooked food into the refrigerator early.

Ankomn Turn-N-Seal without electricity consumption is 100% safe to put into your refrigerator. It will keep the odor away and create an oxygen-free environment by controlling the temperature and oxygen. You can extend the food shelf life and eat healthier. You spend a lot of money to get organic food, so why not protect it by refrigerating it.


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