A Simple desiccator for lab usage, Here you go!

A Simple desiccator for lab usage, Here you go!

Although we never thought our container could be used in this proposal. But it did work.
Using Ankomn as a desiccator? Sure, why not.

Desiccator is a device that can assure dry, dust-free environments to store humidity/oxygen-sensitive products. By putting the testing sample, usually lab samples, in desiccators. By properly using the desiccator. It could highly reduce the defect rate and enhance testing efficiency in an experiment.

The traditional desiccator is heavy and needs an air pump to accomplish its job.
When we transit the sample from A to B point, sometimes we only need a simple solution during the transit and after we open it unless we have another set of equipment at B place. Otherwise, you will not be able to vacuum it again.

Ankomn Turn-N-Seal vacuum sealed storage container could solve these annoying problems and work well in transporting samples from lab to lab, short term storage. "We significantly reduce oxidation of our metal samples this way.”

Beth McNally -Principal Research Engineer in McMaster University.

Here are the photos provided by Beth when they used Ankomn for their metal sample to keep it from oxidization.

keep metal sample from oxidization by using Turn-N-Seal vacuum sealed container keep metal sample from oxidization by using Turn-N-Seal vacuum sealed container

Turn-N-Seal can take 40-50% air out by simply turning the lid, and the amazing thing is the whole process could be manually done without a tube or compressor within a minute. And the vacuum pressure could hold at least 48 hours and decrease less than 5% air pressure per day. It’s good enough to keep the sample in perfect condition to the next station.

If you need to control humidity level strictly, desiccant could be put into the container
The advantage of Turn-N-Seal is light weight, impact durable, and vacuums with ease. And the most important thing is way cheaper than the traditional solution.

Here is a short video to show how does an avocado change with time with/without vacuum storage conditions.

All models and dimensions of Turn-N-Seal are below.

The vacuum container is made of polycarbonate with suitable operating temperatures -20℃ to 80 ℃ (-4℉ to 176℉). It is also designed to be easy to clean or sterilize. Most people may be concerned about the silicon rubber gasket. For this, Ankomn provides a solution that you can buy this spare part after a time of usage.

To sum up

Ankomn Turn-N-Seal can

- remove 40-50% air off
- light weight, good for sample transit
- built-in pump and no other devices needed
- impact durable. Won't break by accident falling
- easy to clean and reuse.

If you are interested in using Ankomn Turn-N-Seal in your lab.
Get a one and let us know how it works, send your lab photo and share the happiness with us.




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