The True Differences Between Airtight Containers & Vacuum Containers

The True Differences Between Airtight Containers & Vacuum Containers | ANKOMN


Which one is better? airtight canister or vacuum canister?

Are they the same thing? What`s the best for me?

We will explain to you all at once.

What cause the food go stale?

We’ve all experienced this situation!

Putting your food into the containers, but it still rots.

Though you’ve tried various kinds of containers and most claim to help to keep fresh, inevitably, the contents still spoil. Why is it?

Scientifically speaking, food goes bad mainly due to these three reasons.


    1. UV Harm
    2. Mold and Bacteria
    3. Oxidization


While discussing food storage at home, the second point is the most difficult one to deal with.


Because everything that touches air will get bacteria!

The growing speed of mold will be hugely influenced by how nutritious the food is and the sufficiency of water and oxygen.

Sooner or later, the food will go sour and decay.

In nature, bacteria growth is a common phenomenon. Otherwise, trash would never decompose!

“Keeping fresh”, to be honest, goes against nature!


Airtight container

The principle of an airtight container is to “reduce” the contact with the air.

By reducing the exposure to air, we could lessen the bacteria and mold too.

Besides decay and rot, another situation is annoying too, crispy no more or soft no more!

The former happens in the moist environment, while the latter occurs in the dry environment.

But isn’t it being locked and airtight?


Your airtight canisters don’t guarantee 100% airflow termination!

Most of the time, your airtight container makes you “FEEL” it’s airtight or it “SEEMS” to be very “tight”, but the truth is the air is still flowing.

Otherwise, if it’s 100% sealed, the contents shouldn’t keep decaying.

Tape a seal to a bottle with full water and it won’t seem to have a gap! However, when you put it upside down, it still leaks!


Everlock | 100% airtight canister 

ANKOMN proudly launched a new series of “TRUE” airtight canisters. It carries a special “air-block” mechanism, which allows you to 100% block the air with a 45-degree turn.

People are always shocked by the power of the 45-degree turn.

A simple turn but works much better than all of the airtight containers at home!

It’s all about the principle. From the root, we block the airflow.

Creating airtight with soft and hard material is very difficult.

Imagine you use a rubber band to tie a plastic bag; gradually, the air still comes in, right?

Take the faucet as an example. If you want to use a plug to stop the water flow, it won't be easy. Instead, closing the faucet switch is much easier!


The principle of ANKOMN EVERLOCK is to close the faucet switch. And this way, it makes us totally surpass the other airtight containers on the market!

Not only it is easy to operate, but it’s also modern and sharp looking!


Click here to know more about the Everlock Turn&Lock airtight container


So, what is a vacuum canister?


Many brands stated that they are the vacuum canister.

The fact is they just squeeze a little air out and make you feel some resistance.

“True vacuum” is a totally different thing. You’ll have to let go the air inside the container!


The history of vacuum container 


“Vacuum” is not a brand-new tech. Years ago, 3M launched the vacuum container with a one-way air valve and a pump! And there’re many similar products till now.


There are some updates too, for example, automatic vacuum by the electricity pump


A good vacuum container can effectively extend the shelf life of food. However, why is it not commonly used?

Two key factors:

  • Inconvenient (not user friendly)
  • Can’t feel the difference between vacuum container and others


Using electricity or a pump makes the whole process annoying and fussy.

So, even if you have one at your house, you’ll just leave it there!

Why don’t you use an easier way to create a vacuum? “Simply turn the lid” sounds not bad?


Key factor for a useful vacuum canister


What’s wrong with the containers that make you feel it’s useless and not functional?

To let go the air is one thing, but to maintain the vacuum status is another! In fact, a very difficult one.

A small gap created by a tiny hair could cause air leaking to lose vacuum.

Some users will feel vacuum functions worse than the airtight container. Why?

Though you’ve taken out the air initially, the vacuum leaked out after a few hours or 1~2 days.

Because the vacuum status couldn’t be maintained, the function is much worse than the airtight containers! 


Turn-n-Seal vacuum container

not only offers you a user-friendly built-in pump system but also devotes to maintaining the vacuum well.

Besides, we also care about maintenance, allowing you to clean your vacuum container by yourself!

If the air leaks within a few hours or a few days, it’s time to clean it!

Let's see how the Turn-N-Seal Vacuum container works

 How Turn-N-Seal works


After the discussion, we don’t think vacuum is the only solution at your home.

Finding the one that suits you best is the key!

Here’s the comparison for

vacuum container (ANKOMN TURN-N-SEAL) and

airtight container (ANKOMN EVERLOCK)


airtight canister and vacuum canister comparison

Superior airtight container




Less oxygen container

Shop Turn-N-Seal >

Turn-N-Seal 0.6L Turn-N-Seal 1.2L


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