Understand useful refrigerator storage ways before you regret!

Understand useful refrigerator storage ways before you regret! | ANKOMN

Often we can see many bloggers who recommend various containers.

Always, they make the refrigerator full of containers and put everything inside.

The question is, “Anyone will do that?”

If it’s only for good photos, we got tons of beautiful photos too.

But most importantly, we want to teach you the REAL & GOOD ways for storage!

ANKOMN regards us as your best partner of storage solution.

That’s why we want to teach you how to use it utmost! 

In this article, we will focus on storage ways in the refrigerator. And we will share home storage tips with you in the next articles.


Have a look at the chart. This shows which series you should choose for different usages

Chart display


Every place in refrigerator is good place

Most of the storage containers placed in the refrigerator are for the front side.

However, how about the side part? This part is often ignored!

ANKOMN team considered the side part while designing our product.

To help you maximize the storage space!

canister for refrigerator

Not only could our containers perfectly fit into the side part of the refrigerator, but the material is refrigerator safe too!

Temperature , Vacuum , Airtight  how does these work to preserve my food

Many asked us,

“For such strong airtight and vacuum containers, why should we put them in the refrigerator? Isn’t it good enough at room temperature?”

For those foods that contain moisture, for example, peeled fruits or spices,

Besides the emphasis on reducing oxygen and humidity level, if we also control the temperature (e.g., put in the refrigerator), we could prevent mold too! (Because some molds don’t need oxygen to grow.)

The importance of temperature control often gets ignored because the food rots first before it gets moldy.

Considering temperature could help you better preserve your food.

Refrigerator with vacuum room 

One of the HITACHI refrigerator series features the vacuum compartment, which is cool and quite useful. But most of us already have a refrigerator at home. We don’t think you’ll replace the original one only for the vacuum purpose.

If you do think so, ANKOMN will be a good choice. Using ANKOMN, you could immediately get a vacuum room! And it could be moved to wherever you want it to be!

variety food in refrigerator

Keep fresh smell of your frigerator

If you’re a double-salary family or even have kids, you’ll have to catch time to cook after work!

If we could do the preparation beforehand, you can squeeze more time for yourself.

For example, peeled garlic first on weekends and use it easily on weekdays.

However, most of the containers on the market either couldn’t stop the aroma spread on your refrigerator (which means it doesn’t prevent the air from leaking!!) or aren’t very easy to open and lock!

ANKOMN EVERLOCK 100% locks the aroma and air. You could feel how good and convenient it is when you try. Believe us!

garlic in refrigerator


 Keep it green

For parsley or basil, it usually turns black before you finish it.

How to prevent basil go stale

Here we provide 2 good storage solutions for you:

  1. Put it into our TURN-N-SEAL vacuum container and store it in the refrigerator.
  2. Put it into our CHOICE ez storage container and store it in the fridge.

Both keep it green. But from our experience, the freezing process makes it taste fluffy.

So, we would recommend you to store in a TURN-N-SEAL vacuum container and refrigerator.

Seasoning & Marinating 

Quick seasoning is another feature of our TURN-N-SEAL vacuum container!

While you vacuum it, the negative pressure increases porousness and allows the seasoning to be absorbed around 5 times faster than usual.


Seasoning and marinating


Daily storage 

You can also use the CHOICE ez storage container as a great storage way in the refrigerator. Compared to the average containers, the rubber free design of CHOICE ez storage container makes cleaning very easy.

stack-able refrigerator container

Special notch to collect water and oil to prevent your food from going stale.


Special notch to collect water and oil


We also offer the white one, which is microwave safe


Freeze microwave container


Various series of ANKOMN products help the storage in the refrigerator be more stylish and much easier!

We know we’ve taught quite a lot! Need some time to absorb the ideas?

Don’t worry. We’ve prepared everything you need for refrigerator storage here!

Ankomn Refrigerator Combo sets


Any other questions? Feel free to drop us a message!

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