A coffee scoop you wish you had known earlier!

A coffee scoop you wish you had known earlier! | ANKOMN

Not only a coffee scoop but truly a measuring scoop!

First, you may doubt, “it’s impossible to be precise!” But soon, you’ll find it’s useful because your taste buds can’t lie!

(suitable for  coffee beans and ground coffee)


Pour it over.

It’s not for speed and convenience but it brings a little happiness to life.It’s a sense of ceremony and a good time to enjoy a cup of coffee.Otherwise, we have more choices, for example, Starbucks or convenient stores.


The equipment and accessories for the pour-over feature are below:

  • Scale
  • Coffee Beans
  • Grinder
  • Coffee
  • Thermometer
  • Kettle
  • Filter Paper
  • Dripper
  • Coffee Pot
coffee equipment


The pour over process will be:

  1. Get your beans
  2. Grind the beans
  3. Bloom, pour and enjoy!

The whole process is simple, but there are lots of details you should take care of.

For example, the speed, time and the mode you pour will influence the flavor.

And these are the most charming parts of the pour-over process!

Among the process, the “dry (grind coffee)” and “wet (pour water)” parts are the fascinating parts!

Start your day with the charming aroma and beautiful taste.  It’s blessed and joyful!

However, few people regard getting the right amount of coffee as the most fascinating part.

The most important factor (over 70%) of a good cup of coffee is the “freshness of your beans”,

while the accurate amount of coffee plays a crucial role (15%) too.

Keep coffee fresh and get the right amount of coffee are critical factors.

But to be honest, the boring part while brewing good pour-over coffee.

Thus, the design of our Turn-N-Seal vacuum coffee canister and 2-IN-1 smart coffee scoop is to help you accomplish this mission and get a cup of good coffee easily!


We will focus more on 2-IN-1 smart coffee scoop in this article. To know more about our Turn-N-Seal vacuum seal coffee canister, please click HERE


vacuum seal coffee canister


Introduction of our 2-in-1 smart coffee scoop

The list below is tested based on two brands of coffee scoops with similar tech.
We’ve tested it for five times and measured the deviation by scale.

 coffee scoop measurement test

 coffee scoop measurement test

We could find that no matter which kind of scoop, the deviation is much more significant than we imagined.

That’s also why the scoop will finally be used only to take out the beans.

When you need to get accurate grams, you still need to use the scale.


Buy a coffee scale, is that all we can do?

Our R&D team found that the combination of the shape of scoop and the action of leveling,

we could get a stable number no matter if it’s applied in coffee beans or ground coffee. We could also see it as a reasonably precise coffee scoop.

For this, we’ve tested 20~30 kinds of beans and developed a scoop that could get around 10g of coffee beans or ground coffee.

We call it the “Smart coffee scoop”

measuring coffee scoop

Here are the numbers to scoop out the beans. We did it five times too.

 coffee scoop measurement test

We could see that the deviation decreased from 20~25% to 4%.

Brewing often, this could be a reasonably stable outcome because the small deviation doesn’t influence the flavor much.


According to the SCA gold cup theory, the ratio of coffee to water will be around 1:15~1:18. In other words,

150 ml ~ 180 ml of water and 1 scoop (10g) of our Smart coffee scoop will be a perfect fit!


If you have the coffee pot with a marked scale, like this,

coffee server

we could simplify the whole process to

  • get your coffee beans
  • grind it
  • pour and get a gold cup coffee!

We keep the most enjoyable parts, grind and pour. But you’ll never need to compromise on the flavor anymore!


We wouldn’t say a smart coffee scoop is a necessary tool,

but definitely could enjoy the happiness it brings easily!

We don’t aim to replace the coffee scale (we could not replace it either).

What we provide is a more accessible but still professional way to simplify the process and increase the joy!


Even if you don’t use the measure functions, the dual-end scoop and shovel design has made taking out the beans much easier!


3-2-1 gold cup coffee!

300 ml water, 20 g coffee, 1 gold cup coffee!


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Advanced using:

For different beans, you can scale it to find the best ratio you like.

For example, every scoop of the coffee beans I usually brew is around 9.5g.

And pour 135 ml water since I prefer strong coffee.

When you get your preferred ratio, you can make a cup of coffee you like fast and efficiently!

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