How do you usually brew your coffee? Today, we’d like to introduce 5 ways to brew!

How do you usually brew your coffee? Today, we’d like to introduce 5 ways to brew! | ANKOMN

Besides pour-over and espresso machines, how do you usually brew your coffee?

Clever Coffee Dripper

Recommend Coffee-to-water ratio is 1:15
2 scoops of 2-IN-1 smart coffee scoop and 300ml water
(each scoop is 10g coffee)

Clever Coffee Dripper is also designed and invented by a Taiwanese team, just like ANKOMN!

We recommend that because it’s very suitable for office workers. Quick and easy!

Imagine doing pour-over coffee when you get to the office in the morning and your boss passes by… lol

First, press the vacuum release button on the lid of vacuum canister, use coffee scoop to take out 2 scoops, and then put into the coffee grinder.

coffee canister with scoop


Grind it to coarse ground or medium-coarse ground; for example,

we turn to 6 with this grinder.

coffee grinder


If you’re going camping or to the office, to save time, you can pre-grind the beans and use the airtight canister and coffee scoop. By this, you can skip one step and enjoy a great cup of coffee in a shorter time!


Brew method:

  • 2 scoops of coffee 
  • pour 1/3 of the water and wait 2 minutes to bloom
  • put the lid on top and wait another 2 minutes
  • Put the Clever coffee dripper on the server
  • and enjoy a good cup of coffee!
Cleaver Coffee Dripper

(Scale and timer are just for the record! If you don’t have it, a good cup of coffee is still accessible.)


PS:You can adjust grind size and time of bloom at the first stage and find one suits you best!

If you love the Clever Coffee Dripper, coffee scoop, this will make the whole process cleverer!


Recommend Coffee-to-water ratio is 1:10,

2 scoops of 2-IN-1 smart coffee scoop and 200ml water

(each scoop is 10g coffee)

Talking to convenience, you can’t forget to mention the French Press!

Not only for coffee, there are a lot of people using French Presses for their tea in Taiwan as well.

french press


Note: Ideas about the grind size

Usually, if immersing for a longer time, for example, Clever Coffee Dripper, French Press and pour-over, the grind size will be from coarse to medium

If immersing for a shorter period, for example, espresso, the grind size will be finer


Besides, light roast will be finer and dark roast will be coarser!


Brew method:For French press, we will add water 3 times

  • The first time, just add a little bit of water, gently stir and wait 2 minutes
  • The second time to half and the third time to full.
  • And then press the plunger down.


french press


We will use finer ground for the next 3 methods, so we turn to scale 2 and grind them all! And we keep it fresh with our vacuum canister too!

ground coffee

(Tips: if you want to put ground coffee in our ANKOMN TURN-N-SEAL vacuum canister, check here to avoid issues of cleaning.)


Staresso (Similar tech as 1Zpresso)

Coffee-to-water ratio is 1:3,

2 scoops of 2-IN-1 smart coffee scoop and 60ml water

(each scoop is 10g coffee).

Staresso won the 2016 Reddot design award, (ANKOMN won Reddot and iF design in the same year). Using Staresso to make an espresso is quick and cost-saving!

Let`s scoop up 2 scoops first!


Here is another tip for you!

Since Staresso’s opening is small, you could slide the lid of the smart scoop and make the opening smaller. In this way, your coffee won’t spill out!




 Brew method:

  • Push the pumps on top and it will extract the espresso!
  • You see the awesome crema? Besides espresso, both Americano or Latte are good choices too!

Delter Coffee Press (Similar tech as Aeropress)

Coffee-to-water ratio is 1:9,

2 scoops of 2-IN-1 smart coffee scoop and 180ml water

(each scoop is 10g coffee).

If you have Aeropress, you could follow the steps too).

For these kinds of ways, don’t grind too fine; otherwise, it will be hard to press!

The opening of Delter Coffee Press is small too, so don’t forget the using tips of the smart coffee scoop to avoid splitting!


Brew method:

  • 2 scoops and 180ml water, assemble it and let’s start pressing!
  • Raise plunger and press to enjoy a good cup of coffee.
Delter Coffee Press

Convenient and fast way of making coffee, highly recommended!

Timer Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Coffee-to-water ratio is 1:10,

2 scoops of 2-IN-1 smart coffee scoop and 200ml water.

(each scoop is 10g coffee). 

This isn’t so common. If you’ve used it or owned one, please let us know!

First, you need a funnel to put the coffee in.

Even if you use tips, mentioned previously, you still need a funnel to help!

Timer Cold Brew


But it’s surprisingly convenient. Make your cold brew at night and enjoy in the morning!


Brew method:

  • Add 2 scoops of coffee to the coffee container and pour the water to scale 3
  • Put in the refrigerator and wait 12 hours; the delicious cold brew is there for you!

It’s a pity that less sense of ceremony and the aroma seems less, but the cold brew still tastes good!

Have you all got the tips of the 5 ways of coffee brewing we introduced?

With our Turn-n-Seal vacuum canister and 2-IN-1 smart coffee scoop, you could enjoy good coffee easier!

There are a lot of ways to brew, which could be complicated or straightforward.

Different coffee-to-water ratio, the temperature of the water, size of coffee grind, various kinds of beans will all influence the flavor.

But if you find that one way you love, you could try to adjust the variables and find the flavor you love most!

The 2-IN-1 smart coffee scoop could help you get the most favorite flavor you love quickly!

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