Things You Need To Know About Nuts Preservation Today

Things You Need To Know About Nuts Presevation Today | ANKOMN

Many people think the stale nuts only effect TASTE, so they don’t think beyound that. In fact, no matter how rancid they are when you first open it or if they gradually go stale due to inappropriate storage.

For your health, please throw it into the rubbish bin right away!


Why do nuts go rancid?

Nuts are endowed with polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats.]

When the fat of the nuts gets oxidized they become rancid.

Three main factors of rancidity:


Affected by these three points, nuts go stale.


nuts freshness effect by sunlight, oxygen, humidity


Nuts are good for health, especially helping to fight cardiovascular disease because nuts are rich in unsaturated fat.

However, if it has turned rancid, let it go!


Some good sellers will take care of the quality from the origin, the raw material!

They will check the quality before they roast it.

Usually, the bulk of the poor-quality material will be discarded. Only the good ones would be packed and listed on the market.

To prevent light, nuts will be packed with a UV Block aluminum foil bag and deoxidizer/desiccant.



We will share 3 topics that would help you choose nuts in a smarter way!

  • Low-temperature roasting!
  • Your nuts crunch no more!
  • Aflatoxin!


Low temperature roasting

Nowadays, low-temperature roasting is a trend. What are the other ways of roasting nuts?

Fried or roasted with high temperature!

Some say eating nuts will lead to ulcers. The main reason is because they are fried nuts.

No matter if the quality is good or bad, as long as it gets fried, it tastes crunchy and good!

However, if it’s proceeded with low temperature, you have to roast with high-quality material.


As a snack, fried and high-temperature roasting could be good enough.

But if it’s for health, low-temperature roasting shall be your choice.


Here’s a chart to tell the differences between two.


                             Fried                                               Low-temperature roasting 





Crunchier and more intense   

Lighter and plain






Many of the nuts are packed with a desiccant to extend the crunchiness.

However, as you open more, the moisture and the desiccant interact more too.  Soon, the nuts will spoil.

To enjoy the nuts slowly and elegantly without spoiling it, you have to choose the right container!

Without proper storage, not only will it taste bad but also it will get the poisonous Aflatoxin! 



High humidity and high temperature play a big role in producing Aflatoxin. It exist in grains and nuts.

The report said that it’s poison and only when the temperature reaches 260°C could the bacteria be killed.

If your nuts get moldy after a while, throw the whole batch away.

Don’t just pick out the moldy ones and keep the rest!

Once the bacteria is produced, it will spread to the whole batch.

For your health, throw it away!


Undoubtedly, nuts are nutritious and one of the healthiest foods. But it’s sensitive to light, air, humidity, so it’s not easy to store!

ANKOMN recommends the TURN-N-SEAL 1.2L UV PROOF for nuts!

It could solve the 3 issues mentioned.


We’ve also cooperated with many renowned nut brands.

You could get your ANKOMN from their side to extend the shelf life of nuts!

For your premium nuts, we help you keep it fresh!


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