tinyTak- the story behind this safest box cutter

tinyTak- the story behind this safest box cutter

As the pioneering company in the field of vacuum and airtight containers, we have introduced a new innovation: the safety box cutter. So, what led to the development of this product?

At Ankomn, our primary goal is to utilize our technology to revolutionize the industry's products. Initially, we identified the issues with vacuum containers and worked towards making them easier to use and less prone to leakage. Subsequently, we developed a 100% leak-proof airtight container that offers an additional 3-5% sealness, allowing food to stay fresher for longer compared to regular products.

Three years ago, we gained popularity within the coffee niche by creating a scoop that effortlessly measures 10 grams of coffee without requiring a digital scale.

In the aftermath of the pandemic, our first revolutionary product is the tinyTak. We have designed a safer and compact box cutter. Now, let's delve into the story behind this remarkable small gadget.

How did this safety cutter idea come up?

As a father of a three-year-old daughter, I constantly find myself in need of a knife to open online shopping boxes upon arriving home. It can be quite frustrating because we're always concerned about our baby's safety, so we hide the knife in a place she can't reach. Unfortunately, sometimes we even struggle to find it ourselves. In an attempt to solve this problem, I decided to purchase a safety knife online. However, when it arrived, I discovered that it merely had a cover on it, and the knife itself was far from safe. The more I researched and looked for a genuinely safe knife, the more I realized that there wasn't a single safety knife available on the market. I couldn't comprehend why these products were being marketed as safety knives when they clearly didn't meet the necessary safety standards.

Boom! It's time to create something extraordinary.

Simple concept , but the execution is incredibly challenging.

Designing a tool that is sharp enough to cut open boxes without damaging their contents or causing harm to your hand is an intriguing concept. However, it requires a completely different approach, such as modifying the knife's shape or making it dull.

There was an amusing comment from someone who likened this tool to receiving a box opener instead of a plastic knife when ordering takeout from a restaurant. Is this statement accurate?

You can try using the tool yourself by taking one and opening a box. This is where the real challenge arises.

Firstly, the plastic material needs to be sufficiently sturdy to endure multiple cutting tasks, so a strong and durable material is necessary.

Secondly, even if you use the serrated edge to cut through the sides, you still won't be able to break the main sticker seal.

Thirdly, while the slim tape may work, when it comes to fiber paper stickers, they are even more challenging to deal with. It's worth noting that Amazon, which accounts for 37% of online shopping in the US, often employs this type of sticker.

Introducing our groundbreaking solution to address the problem at hand.

The tinyTak has been invented, meaning that we have successfully solved the problem.

We have discovered a specially designed material that is robust enough to withstand numerous box-opening tasks while also being easy to break through tape and cut through fiber stickers.

Moreover, this tool is compact enough to be attached to your keychain, and its built-in magnet ensures that it can be conveniently stored in your accessible area without the risk of being lost due to its size.

This product embodies the wisdom of Ankomn and our effective problem-solving techniques.Experience the convenience and safety it provides by acquiring one for yourself. Without a doubt, this can rightfully be hailed as a superior safety knife when compared to others available in the market.

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