For coffee storage, is It good to use a vacuum canister? The coffee storage tips you need to know.

For coffee storage, is It good to use a vacuum canister? The coffee storage tips you need to klnow. | ANKOMN

People have their preferences on how to store their coffee properly. The main aim of this post is not to discuss whether or not a vacuum canister is the best way to store coffee; instead, we list some common misunderstandings and myths of vacuum canisters.

We all know there are three essential elements of coffee storage,

lighting, oxygen, and moisture.


  • UV blocking is essential. Use opaque bags, canisters or put into a cabinet that prevents light.
  • Prevent a moist environment. But not too dry to evaporate all the moisture.


The last part, how to keep the aroma and prevent oxidization is the most and controversial issue.

Many contestants will use the vacuumizer and plastic bag to vacuum the coffee beans, freeze it and open it only before the competition. This is a very common way of coffee storage in competitions; however, it is not very suitable for ordinary people who drink coffee at home.

To get a cup of coffee this morning, you have to wait till it goes back to the right temperature, get the amount you need from the bag, and reseal it. Too busy for your precious morning time, isn’t it?

Here comes the first myth. How should we store the coffee beans? Freeze it or at room temperature?

People say that moisture will be generated to speed up coffee staling while you freeze the coffee and get it outside the freezer. If you use a canister or a coffee bag when the temperature changes, moisture will fasten staling. However, it won’t happen if you use a vacuum bag since moisture won’t be created inside the vacuum bag.

To sum up, yes, you can put in the freezer with a vacuum bag. But if you use a canister or coffee bags, room temperature is better.

The second myth is while you’re taking out the air to vacuum it, you’ll take out the aroma too.

It sounds very reasonable that while coffee degases, and you vacuum it to let go of the air. Gradually the aroma will be gone because you push out air and aroma simultaneously.

Coffee creates aroma while we roast, and no matter which way you use (one-way valve coffee bag, canister, or vacuum canister), coffee will gradually lose the aroma.

The influences of temperature and sunlight are much more than pressure.

While we put a bag of coffee on the tray, which directly is in contact with air, we’ll discover that it’s not the aroma gone first; instead, it’s the odor that comes first. This is because oxidization is faster than volatileness.

Some people insist that the aroma changed while they use vacuum canister so that we’ve tested several vacuum canisters to see the result.

And we found that the aroma changed!

This is also why people believe aroma will be gone while using a vacuum canister.

From our test, we found that the changing of aroma is not because we take the air out; but because their vacuum canister loses vacuum within 1~2 days and air leaks without a good seal. It works even worse than an airtight canister.

Two crucial elements of a good vacuum canister are, letting the air go and properly sealing it.

If the one can only take out the air but can’t keep it sealed, for sure, it’s not a good storage method.

The third myth, I’ve squeezed out the air, so it’s a vacuum!

Some people think that I squeeze the air inside my coffee bag, and it’s a vacuum!

Some think that using products like AIRSCAPE will create a vacuum!

People are cheated by how they feel! While people squeeze the air and make the bag flat, they think there is no air left. The air is still slowly convecting, but you just couldn’t see the air.

Have you ever tried to puncture a vacuum bag? It will immediately swell!

Besides taking the air out, a vacuum canister also is a powerful airtight mechanism. If the airtight functions badly, the air will slowly penetrate to hinder the negative pressure created.

Even if it’s not vacuumed, ANKOMN TURN-N-SEAL is still an airtight canister. That’s why it performs well in coffee storage.

Remember it’s squeezing out the air doesn’t mean it’s a vacuum. Air is small molecules. It will penetrate back again as time passes. Take out the air and seal it, it is the real vacuum!


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