What does 2016 WBC Berg Wu do in 2021?

What does 2016 WBC Berg Wu do in 2021?


Running a No.1 coffee shop among the best 50 Asia coffee shops

Berg Wu, not only a great talent barista but also run one of the famouse coffee shops in Taipei, Taiwan. Even in the COVID-19 perioud of time. Customer who want to taste this champion coffee still need to wait in line before entering the shop.


berg wu and his wife

  Simple Kaffa was establish in 2011, and started it`s journey at the basement of a business building in the east district of Taipei. After 8 years growing, Simple Kaffa moved to today`s location. The new space has 2 floor, 100 seats, sitting in there you can enjoy the best coffee, dessert, light mean also the comfortable industrial design space.


Train the next Champion 

zoe lai

Recently, Berg shift his focus to management, roasted, and training new outstanding barista. The winner of 2019,2020 Taiwan district WBC , Zoe Lai is come from Simple Kaffa. Likely when COVID pass, there are many Taiwan great barista will show up on the world competition and some of them would be the disciple of Berg.


What does Simple Kaffa mean?

 simple kaffa logo mean

In the legend, the origin of the coffee beans was found in a wild forest in Kaffa Province of Isopia. So "Simple Kaffa" mean pure, original taste of the coffee. By using the simple geometric shape to depict the overlapping tree with different colors also show the taste of the simple Kaffa coffee is simple but rich in flavor.


Simple Kaffa feat. Ankomn

simple kaffa and Ankomn

Simple kaffa sell few selected products on the store and Ankomn is one of it to help people storage coffee bean well. until today you can still buy this co-branded canister at No.1 asia coffee shop.


If you want to buy the champion selected bean storage container.



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