3.5oz/100g Coffee Bean - Turn-N-Seal vacuum storage container 0.3L
3.5oz/100g Coffee Bean - Turn-N-Seal vacuum storage container 0.3L

3.5oz/100g Coffee Bean - Turn-N-Seal vacuum storage container 0.3L

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Oxidation kills coffee

Lock the aroma and flavor in every bean before they are served
by taking out the oxygen, humidity, and sunlight (UV ray) these 3 degrade the enemy at once

Guarantee you are hit by the fresh smell whenever you open the turn-n-seal, the last brew is as fresh as the first.

88% of people feel the change after using Turn-n-seal to store their coffee beans for over a week. Keeps your coffee fresh up to 5x longer than a regular bag.

    • Modular stacking design
    • Dishwasher safe body
    • Hand-washable patented lid
    • 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
    • 100,000-turns warranty
    • Oxidation resistant medical grade silicone
    • BPA-free, durable, recyclable polycarbonate


    Turn the lid every 4-5 days to maintain the vacuum.


    • 0.3 L holds 3oz/80g whole bean coffee
    • 0.6L holds 8oz/250g whole bean coffee
    • 1.2L holds 16oz/450g whole bean coffee
    • 1.5L holds 19oz/540g whole bean coffee
    • 2.4L holds 30oz/870g whole bean coffee
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      How to remove air!

      Turn the lid clockwise or contrary to get the air out. When it gets harder to turn, it means there is less and less air in the container

      Valve depression

      Watch the valve depression, now your coffee is going to keep fresh and extend its shelf life by up to 5x longer.

      Press to release

      When the coffee time is coming, press the Two-Way Valve Button on top to release the pressure and enjoy.


      Each Ankomn container aims to eliminate the usage of single-use plastic bags.


      Made by 100% recycled material from the product to frustration-free package for all of Ankomn product line.

      Disassemble parts

      Take the lid apart to make a thorough clean and easily put it back together.


      The stylish look speaks for itself. The container best matches your counter bar aesthetic.

      Remarkable Versatility

      Outstanding Services

      2-Year Warranty

      We will repair or replace this product, or any component of the product found to be defective during the warranty period.

      30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

      Ensuring your complete satisfaction with our products, we offer a no-hassle 100% money-back guarantee for 30 days.