0.3L Turn-N-Seal Vacuum Seal Food Storage Container
0.3L Turn-N-Seal Vacuum Seal Food Storage Container
0.3L Turn-N-Seal Vacuum Seal Food Storage Container

0.3L Turn-N-Seal Vacuum Seal Food Storage Container

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Fresh food is the best food. There are many containers in your pantry, but if you need a great container to preserve your favorite food. Unfortunately, there is still one missing, the one with a powerful oxygen removal function and easy to operate multiple times without any bag or machine.

With simple, quick twists, say goodbye to oxygen and expect the freshness of your food before you consume it. Its stackable module design and stylish look keep your kitchen and pantry tidy and perfectly match your bar aesthetic.

  • Modular stacking design
  • Dishwasher safe body
  • Hand-washable patented lid
  • 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
  • 100,000-turns warranty
  • Oxidation resistant medical grade silicone
  • BPA-free, durable, recyclable polycarbonate


Turn the lid every 4-5 days to maintain the vacuum.

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  • 3-5 days in North America
  • 7-10 days to Europe
  • 5-10 days to other Region

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How to remove air!

Turn the lid clockwise or contrary to get the air out, and keep food fresh longer.

Valve depression

Watch the valve depression, now your coffee is going to keep fresh and extend its shelf life by up to 5x longer.

Press to release

When the coffee time is coming, press the Two-Way Valve Button on top to release the pressure and enjoy.


Each Ankomn container aims to eliminate the usage of single-use plastic bags.


Made by 100% recycled material from the product to frustration-free package for all of Ankomn product line.

Disassemble parts

Take the lid apart to make a deep clean and easily put it back together.


The stylish look speaks for itself, the container best matches your counter bar aesthetic.

Remarkable Versatility

Outstanding Services

2-Year Warranty

Concerned about the wear and tear due to the resistance of the turning mechanism? We will repair or replace the product or any component of the product found to be defective during the warranty period.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Ensuring your complete satisfaction with our products, we offer a no-hassle 100% money back guarantee for 30 days.