All type of storage

You enjoy delicious meals, but also want food stay fresh and tasty even a few days after you prepare it? Turn-N-Seal retains the original flavors of any food or groceries

Why is so simple and easy?

The lid is thinner than slice of pizza, but incredibly powerful and functional. Its ability to create an extremely vacuum with only ONE move.

Let me tell you why

On average, you need 10 turns on the lid to create the vacuum. Accordingly, if you vacuum the food on daily base you can safely use the product for 5,000 days.

Moisture prevent is key

Not only just take off the oxygen, completely prevent the surrounding moisture coming in is another key to keep the inner product dry and fresh.

Vacuum you can see

We want you to be sure about the performance of our product. That`s why we crate a vacuum system that you can see and understand, When the vacuum is switch on, the silicon indicator sinks.

How easy to clean Turn-N-Seal

The biggest enemy of vacuum container is the dust that an penetrate the lid. We combined our creative ideas with the cutting-edge technological design; we create a simple way of opening and cleaning our product.

Stronger than a mug but lighter

Turn-N-Seal is so strong that it will not deform even if it is subject to a strong negative pressure. It also successfully overcome external influences and is not damaged in everyday use. Well, at the same time, its so easy and compact that its impossible not to love it.

Storage space optimize

As the picture shows, you will be able to store 6 liters in a space of only 13″. The smart, rectangular design of the product will help you to maximize the limited space in your kitchen.

With refrigerator, even better

The secret to the perfect good storage is a vacuum+refrigerator. You deserve the best, and we offer you exactly that. Turn-N-Sea is designed specifically for you.