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Holds It`s Breath
LEAN MORE Just a twist of your wrist

The best vacuum seal canister storage for every need

Turn-N-Seal locks in the flavor and freshness of any food. You can keep food tasty and fresh for days after you prepared it, so you always have the delicious food you love ready to go.

We all hate when we have to waste food and can’t find a proper container while storing up food, well aren’t you in luck, Ankomn has created the Turn-n-seal, A true innovation in storage containers.

Every brew can be this bold

Devoted to retaining the original coffee flavor

Turn-N-Seal has 2 models specially designed for the coffee industry and the bean after degassing. This is the perfect vacuum seal coffee canister.

What is the Turn-N-Seal secret?

What makes Turn-N-Seal so special is it is so easy to use. The lid may be thinner than a pizza, but inside that innovative lid is the power to create a strong vacuum in just one move, simply turn the knob!

Long lasting and reliable

With no batteries or cables, Turn-N-Seal is designed to last. If you used Turn-N-Seal to create a vacuum every day, it would last for at least 5,000 days.

Keeps food dry

Turn-N-Seal doesn’t just create a powerful vacuum, it prevents moisture from entering the container, creating a perfectly dry environment for your food, keeping it fresher for longer.

A vacuum you can see

When we were creating Turn-N-Seal, we wanted to ensure it is was easy to use as possible, that includes knowing when it’s working. In every lid you can find a silicon indicator, this sinks down when there is a vacuum present, so you always know at a glance.

Easy cleaning

One of the challenges faced when creating Turn-N-Seal was the problem of dust. It can cause tiny breaks in the seal and prevent a vacuum. However, thanks to our creative ideas and cutting-edge technology, Turn-N-Seal features easy clean mechanisms to ensure that your Turn-N-Seal is always ready to go.

Stronger and light

Even with a string vacuum, Turn-N-Seal will not deform, thanks to its high-strength construction. Robust and easily able to withstand the knocks of everyday use, your Turn-N-Seal is built to last. But all that strength is not at the expense of weight, it’s still compact and lightweight, making it easy to store and carry around the home.

Optimize your storage space

Thanks to its compact design and stack-ability, with Turn-N-Seal you can store an amazing 6 liters of food in a space just 13” square. Make the most of your space with Turn-N-Seal.

Stay cool, stay fresher

The Turn-N-Seal vacuum keeps your food fresher for longer, but if you want to extend the shelf life even longer, storing your vacuum stored food in the refrigerator maximizes the life of all your food. Turn-N-Seal is designed just for this, giving you the very best fresh storage option available, because you deserve it.


What sets your vacuum seal canister

There are many vacuum seal claims around but actually, they are just a tight cap and do not take out air. Turn-N-Seal lets you take out the air inside the canister by turning the lid. With its pump-free design, you don’t need an extra pump or electricity to make it work.

What’s the advantage for the vacuum seal canister compared to a vacuum machine with a bag?

You needed to buy a machine, one-off plastic bag, you need the electricity and if you want to take a part of it you need a new bag to re-seal it again. Now you need to simply turn the lid, and you get everything with an affordable price.

How is Turn-N-Seal different?

At the price of a container, you’ll be getting a bargain. Turn-N-Seal, a storage device, and a vacuum seal. It’s all you need, and with such durability, you won’t regret it.

Where to find it?

Simply place an order with our site and you’ll get your Turn-n-Seal. isn’t that easy now.

How do I know the vacuum is formed in this container/canister?

Our release valve is also an indicator to show you when the vacuum has formed. When your indicator sinks properly it means the container is vacuum sealed.

Can I use this as my ground coffee

Yes, however, we suggest you put it in with its original bag without seal. This way will save you a lot of energy cleaning the lid if the powder sticks to the rubber and deactivates the vacuum function. If it happened, you have to take apart and clean thoroughly to work normally again.