Have you ever heard Cascara?

Have you ever heard Cascara?

Beside Coffee

Between Coffee and Tea. Used to be seen as a wasted byproduct of coffee, Cascara( or you can call it coffee cherry tea) has grown much popularity these years.

Regarded as a superfood full of high antioxidants, what exactly is the mysterious Cascara?

From the Spanish, Cascara means husk/peel.


Cascara is actually the skin of coffee. After the coffee bean is removed from coffee cherries, you got the skin!

In the past, the skin of coffee cherries will be discarded as waste. However, with its special taste and high antioxidants, Cascara becomes more popular now!

Seems very new

But do you know it actually has a long history in some countries?

For example, in Bolivia, Yemen, and Somalia, Cascara is a very common drink that has a long root. 

Benefit reduce the waste on coffee production process!

Cascara tea

Have you ever tried the Cascara? Do you like the taste?

Share with us your ideas.


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